"Design Bureau Klimova" - complexes "PROMETHEUS" for obtaining liquid fuel from various types of raw materials and wastes

For those who do not want to buy expensive fuel

Diesel fuel, gasoline and gas for refueling your cars get at the modular plants "PROMETHEUS" design office Klimov.
From solid raw materials: municipal waste, coal, peat, wood waste. From liquid raw materials: oil, mazut, oil sludge, waste oil.
Our mini factories robots novelty of the century: we are looking for dealers in all countries of the world. Make your planet pure and successful.
We realize: waste pyrolysis plants, evaporation plants for various liquids, vacuum sorption cleaning plants for fuels, heavy oil crackers, incineration furnaces, vacuum distillation plants, plant hangars, drilling mud restoration facilities, oil sludge pyrolysis plants, catalytic cracking units for tar, oil catchers, desalinators of sea water.
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Modular waste-processing plants "PROMETHEUS-FERMER". Factories KB Klimov.

The purpose of modular waste processing plants "PROMETHEUS-FARMER".

Modular plants PROMETHEUS-FERMER are designed by Klimov's design bureau (INN 4205312946 Russia, Kemerovo, www.potram.ru) and are made to order for the reconstruction of technological processes for processing any raw materials (oil waste, solid waste, waste rubber waste and production waste) high-quality commercial fuels, heat and electricity. Also at the plants "PROMETHEUS-FERMER" it is possible to process minerals coal, peat.

All "PROMETHEUS-FARMER" plants are assembled on the basis of the basic "FERMER" pyrolysis unit. From modules it is possible to assemble multifunctional technological complexes with a capacity from 8 tons to 100 tons of raw materials per day. PROMETHEUS-FARMER plants are designed for various specializations, such as raw materials (municipal waste, coal, peat, shale) and final product (coke, fuel and lubricants, electricity).

Delivery of mini-factory "PROMETHEUS-FERMER" to the buyer, commissioning and training of personnel.

The plant has a modular structure. To deliver the mini-factory PROMETHEUS-FERMER to anywhere in the world, for transportation the whole plant is packed in one marine 40-foot container (brands of containers for transportation: Dry Van 40 'DV, High Cube 40' HC, High Cube Pallet Wide 40 'HCPW). Upon the arrival of the transport container to the destination, the mini plant is assembled under the control of 2 specialists from the Klimov Design Bureau and is prepared for work in 5 working days. Personnel training and primary production operation of the plant is carried out under a separate contract under the supervision of 2 specialists of the Klimov Design Bureau for 5 working days.

As the basic size of the module is chosen so that it can be delivered to the place of deployment of the plant "PROMETHEUS-FARMER" using international sea and railway containers. This makes PROMETHEUS-FERMER plants fast-launching facilities anywhere in the world.

The mounting feature of our mini-plants "PROMETHEUS-FARMER" is that first the technological equipment is exposed on a clean prepared site with fixing mortgages, and the hangar is erected only using bolted connections around the installed technological equipment. This allows you to create greater technological flexibility for the entire project for future upgrades. If necessary, any sector of the hangar can be dismantled locally, without applying welding work, without destroying the overall assembly and converted in accordance with technological necessity. This constructive feature of assembling our mini plants "PROMETHEUS-FARMER", despite the number of storeys of building structures, allows to dismantle the whole technological complex in the reverse order to containers and mount it on a new site anywhere in the world for several days without welding.

Classification of waste processing plants "PROMETHEUS-FERMER"

FactoriesFor incinerationFor getting ГСМReceiving
gas for
reception of electro-
of energy
of obtaining
Petroleum products and electro-
of energy
3 tons per day
(code PF 1101)(code PF 1201)(code PF 1401)(code PF 1501)(code PF 1601)
8 tons per day
(code PF 1102)(code PF 1202)(code PF 1402)(code PF 1502)(code PF 1602)
10 tons per day
(code PF 1103)(code PF 1203)(code PF 1403)(code PF 1503)(code PF 1603)
20 tons per day
(code PF 1104)(code PF 1204)(code PF 1404)(code PF 1504)(code PF 1604)
25 tons per day
(code PM 2101)(code PM 2201)(code PM 2401)(code PM 2501)(code PM 2601)
50 tons per day
(code PM 2102)(code PM 2202)(code PM 2402)(code PM 2502)(code PM 2602)
75 tons per day
(code PM 2103)(code PM 2203)(code PM 2403)(code PM 2503)(code PM 2603)
100 tons per day
(code PM 2104)(code PM 2204)(code PM 2404)(code PM 2504)(code PM 2604)

By raw materials:

Sub-series for processing various types of raw materials:
• Sub-series 01 - for MSW processing;
• sub-series 02 - for recycling used tires;
• Sub-series 03 - for the processing of wood waste, lignin;
• sub-series 04 - for the processing of coal, shale;
• sub-series 05 - for the processing of peat, sludge waste treatment facilities;
• Sub-series 06 - for plastics processing;
• Sub-series 07 - for processing of used motor oils;
• Sub-series 08 - for processing oil sludge;
• Sub-series 09 - for processing of fuel oil, tar, heavy oil liquids;
• Sub-series 10 - for processing of oil, gas condensate.

Presentation of the plant PROMETHEUS-FARMER.

Description and operation of the pyrolysis unit FERMER.



PROJECT FARMER AND TECHNO-ECONOMIC SUBSTANTIATION obtaining fertilizers from organic waste.

Complexes POTRAM for processing of tires and industrial rubber goods.

Recycling of plastic waste on the PROMETHEUS complex by pyrolysis.

Comparative analysis.

Bulk density of garbage and various wastes.

The amount of pyrolysis liquid obtained from various wastes.

Commercial offer for processing of solid waste into fuel and electric power.

Commercial offer processing of coal in fuel, heat, electricity.

Commercial offer processing of peat into electricity and fertilizers.

Commercial offer processing of sludge waste treatment plants in electricity and fertilizers.

Commercial offer processing of oil sludge in fuel and energy.

Advantages of modular plants "PROMETHEUS-FARMER"

Raw materials advantages of modular plants "PROMETHEUS-FARMER".

The raw material advantage is that the sources of raw materials will never run out until there is a civilization. Wasteless activity of man is not real. These types of raw materials will always be the lowest in value, high-quality products are produced from the fact that "literally lying underfoot," does not require special extraction.

Design advantages of modular plants "PROMETHEUS-FERMER".

  • All modular plants are made in sectional design, easily placed in their dimensions in 20-foot and 40-foot railway and sea containers.
  • Modules of factories have no foundations, are made on their own bases, which allows to reduce the cost of the plant. Foundations in practice can be up to 2/3 of the cost of equipment or the entire plant.
  • Modular plants and their sections are put into operation consistently, which greatly reduces the one-time investment in the acquisition of the plant. While the subsequent modules are mounted, the first ones mounted already give an economic effect to the enterprise. Thanks to this, it is possible to reduce investment many times. Increasing and reducing production at the plant can easily be tailored to the market's conjecture.
  • Modular plants are easily modernized in the wake of scientific and technological progress. It does not threaten that while the plant is being put into operation, it and its technologies are already morally outdated. And the modernization of its component section or its assembly does not stop the work of the entire plant.
  • The sections of the modular plant are alternately subjected to a planned stop for maintenance, the production cycle of the enterprise does not stop.
  • Modular plants can, if necessary, move, which is not possible with a stationary plant.
  • Rapid deployment of modular plants in any location.

Technological advantages of modular plants "PROMETHEUS-FARMER".

  • From modular installations it is possible to create practically any technological process of oil processing and processing of a waste.
  • All processing technologies are described and detailed on the website: www.potram.ru
  • The PROMETHEUS-FERMER plant is a unique technology for the processing of solid waste.
  • The PROMETHEUS-FERMER plant is a multifunctional plant. Depending on the version, it is possible to produce liquid and solid fuels, gas, heat and electricity without polluting the environment and hazardous emissions into the atmosphere.
  • The installation is mobile and is not tied to the terrain, at any time the PROMETHEUS-FERMER plant can be dismantled and located in another locality.
  • The plant "PROMETHEUS-FARMER" has a modular design, which makes it possible to increase production volumes without large financial costs.
  • For all versions of PROMETHEUS-FERMER plants, waste is required, which does not require special sorting, i.e. it is allowed to mix waste without large financial costs.
  • The version of the plant "PROMETHEUS-FARMER" for obtaining synthetic fuel allows you to obtain different types of fuel.

The financial and economic advantages of modular plants "PROMETHEUS-FARMER".

  • Quick commissioning of modular plants.
  • High payback of modular installations - no more than 6 months from the beginning of construction.
  • High profitability of technological processes of modular installations - from 100 to 300 percent.
  • Low cost of fuel utilization.
  • Recycling of garbage with low costs.
  • Low prices for synthetic motor fuel.

Competitive analysis of modular plants "PROMETHEUS-FARMER" with alternative technologies.

  • The technology for the utilization and processing of solid domestic waste through the transformation of waste (raw materials) into aggregate states of the substance: gas, liquid, solid. Allows to lower to the international standards emissions into the environment than, for example, burning in landfills or low-temperature pyrolysis. PROMETHEUS-FERMER plants do not harm the environment, as confirmed by the international environmental laboratory of Canada, Toronto. An in-depth study of the work of the PROMETHEUS-FERMER plant by the Academy of Sciences of Vietnam, Hanoi. Based on the results of which a positive conclusion was made by the Academy of Sciences of Vietnam recommending "PROMETHEUS-FARMER" plants to universal introduction in Vietnam.
  • Similar installations allow to receive electric and thermal energy, but, unlike factories "PROMETHEUS-FARMER" are not calculated on reception of fuel.
  • Installations of competitors are mounted directly on the site of use and can not be moved later on in the field. The dismantling of the installation is labor-intensive and involves large expenditures.
  • The volume of production is determined at the stage of project development. If it is necessary to increase the volume of processed raw materials or its type, a new installation or long-term equipment modernization is required.
  • Most installations are designed to process only a certain type of waste.
  • Installations process MSW only into a certain type of energy. Quick hardware reconfiguration is not possible.
  • To date, the cost of plants "PROMETHEUS-FARMER" is 2 times lower in value, and 2 times higher in terms of productivity of similar factories in China.

Prospects for the use of modular mini-plants "PROMETHEUS-FARMER".

  • Increasing the annual processing capacity of raw materials.
  • Realization of the project in various regions of the Russian Federation and in the countries of the world.
  • Expansion of the sales geography of the products produced within the project.
  • expansion of the base of raw materials.
  • Creation of autonomous mobile complexes for processing various initial substances.
  • Creation of domestic autonomous complexes, for use in the housing sector.


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PRICE LIST for waste treatment plants
<< download. pdf. >>

PRICE-LIST for evaporators of oil and mini-refineries
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PRICE-LIST for the plants of cracking fuel oil in diesel fuel
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PRICE LIST for plants for the regeneration of used oils in the base oil
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Waste pyrolysis plants FERMER
Installations of pyrolysis of waste "FERMER".

Modular waste processing plants PROMETEY KB Klimova
Modular waste processing plants "PROMETHEUS-FERMER".

Plant layout drawings of PROMETEY KB Klimova
Plant drawings of "PROMETHEUS-FERMER" plants.

MINI-refinery "KB KLIMOVA""

Distillation unit PROMETHEUM Bottom evaporator KI-1 electro
Evaporator of oil raw materials "KI-1 electro",


Mini-refinery Evaporation section of TOT for fuel and lubricants
Mini-refinery Evaporation section "Tiny" for receiving fuel and lubricants (code105).

Modular Starlet-1 evaporation unit for atmospheric fractionation of oily fluids
Modular evaporating unit "Starlet-1" for atmospheric fractionation of oil-containing liquids (code201).

Block of vacuum sorption cleaning of fuels
Block of vacuum sorption cleaning of fuels


Installing cracking PROMETHEUS


Factory of industrial oils KB Klimova PROMETHEUS-OIL series 3000
Factory of industrial oils KB Klimova "PROMETHEUS-OIL"
(series 3000)

Plant PROMETHEUS-OM for regeneration of used motor oils
Plant "PROMETHEUS-OM" for regeneration of used motor oils.
(series 2200)

PLANT "PROMETHEUS-M" for obtaining base oil from fuel oil.
(series 2300)

Incinerators for household waste "Butovka"

Incinerators for domestic waste BUTOVKA
Incinerators for household waste "Butovka"