"Design Bureau Klimova" - complexes "PROMETHEUS" for obtaining liquid fuel from various types of raw materials and wastes

For those who do not want to buy expensive fuel

Diesel fuel, gasoline and gas for refueling your cars get at the modular plants "PROMETHEUS" design office Klimov.
From solid raw materials: municipal waste, coal, peat, wood waste. From liquid raw materials: oil, mazut, oil sludge, waste oil.
Our mini factories robots novelty of the century: we are looking for dealers in all countries of the world. Make your planet pure and successful.

Modular waste processing plants "PROMETHEUS-FARMER".

Purpose of modular waste processing plants «PROMETHEUS-FARMER».

Modular plants "PROMETHEUS-FARMER" are designed by Klimov's design office and are made to order for the reconstruction of technological processes for processing any raw materials (oil waste, solid waste, waste rubber waste and production waste) to produce high-quality commercial fuels, heat and electricity. Also at the factories "PROMETHEUS-FARMER" it is possible to process minerals coal, peat.

All "PROMETHEUS-FARMER" plants are assembled on the basis of the basic "FERMER" pyrolysis unit. From modules it is possible to assemble multifunctional technological complexes with a capacity from 8 tons to 100 tons of raw materials per day. PROMETHEUS-FARMER plants are designed for different specializations, as for variants: for raw materials (municipal garbage, coal, peat, shale) and for the final product (coke, fuel and lubricants, electricity).

Delivery of mini-factory "PROMETHEUS-FARMER" to the buyer, commissioning and training of personnel.

The plant has a modular structure. To deliver the mini-factory "PROMETHEUS-FARMER" to anywhere in the world, for transportation the entire plant is packed in one marine 40-foot container (brands of containers for transportation: Dry Van 40 'DV, High Cube 40' HC, High Cube Pallet Wide 40 'HCPW). Upon the arrival of the transport container to the destination, the mini plant is assembled under the control of 2 specialists from the Klimov Design Bureau and is prepared for work in 5 working days. Personnel training and primary production operation of the plant is carried out under a separate contract under the supervision of 2 specialists of the Klimov Design Bureau for 5 working days.

Since the basic size of the module is chosen so that it can be delivered to the place of deployment of the plant "PROMETHEUS-FARMER" using international sea and railway containers. This makes "PROMETHEUS-FARMER" factories quick-start objects anywhere in the world.

The mounting feature of our mini-plants "PROMETHEUS-FARMER" is that first the technological equipment is exposed on a clean prepared site with fixing mortgages, and the hangar is erected only using bolted connections around the installed technological equipment. This allows you to create greater technological flexibility for the entire project for future upgrades. If necessary, any sector of the hangar can be dismantled locally, without applying welding work, without destroying the overall assembly and converted in accordance with technological necessity. Such a constructive feature of assembling our mini plants "PROMETHEUS-FARMER" in spite of the number of storeys of building structures allows to dismantle the whole technological complex in the reverse order to the containers and mount it on a new site anywhere in the world for several days without welding.

Classification of waste processing plants «PROMETHEUS-FARMER»

Factories For incineration To receive fuel and lubricants Getting gas for refueling cars To generate electricity To receive fuel and power
8 тонн в сутки(code PF 1102)(code PF 1202)(code PF 1402)(code PF 1502)(code PF 1602)
10 тонн в сутки(code PF 1103)(code PF 1203)(code PF 1403)(code PF 1503)(code PF 1603)
20 тонн в сутки(code PF 1104)(code PF 1204)(code PF 1404)(code PF 1504)(code PF 1604)
25 тонн в сутки(code PM 2101)(code PM 2201)(code PM 2401)(code PM 2501)(code PM 2601)
50 тонн в сутки(code PM 2102)(code PM 2202)(code PM 2402)(code PM 2502)(code PM 2602)
75 тонн в сутки(code PM 2103)(code PM 2203)(code PM 2403)(code PM 2503)(code PM 2603)
100 тонн в сутки(code PM 2104)(code PM 2204)(code PM 2404)(code PM 2504)(code PM 2604)

catalog of developments


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Pyrolysis unit "FARMER"

Modular waste processing plants Модульные мусоро перерабатывающие заводы "PROMETHEUS-FARMER".


PRICE-LIST for evaporators and mini-refinery "PROMETHEUS"
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Modular evaporating unit "Starlet-1" for atmospheric fractionation of oil-containing liquids (code201)